We believe that the future of Real Estate is in technology and digital marketing.
We offer you the best service by blending our experience with our wide sales staff, domestic and international offices and our partners, sub-agencies and wide customer portfolio.

Realty Zone is a Real Estate Marketing and Sales Agency. We are established in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE, with a vision to help real estate developers to achieve their sales goals in innovative ways.

We are known for our unique approach towards new projects in Dubai, through our networks and digital marketing expertise. We work with developers who want to sell their projects fast and efficiently.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in Real Estate Marketing and Sales.


We are a team of Real Estate Professionals who use innovative and strategic methods to uncover and provide insights into your ROI. We create unique solutions, introduce strategic thinking, and bring you the latest Marketing and sales technologies to add value to your businesses.